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Anthony Robbins encourages these same principles. Successfull business empires like Warren Buffet, and all star atheletes such as Michael Jordan use the same techniques. Countries have them, companies use them to grow; why shouldn't you have yours?

The pivotal factors of business and professional success await you; you only need to let them back in. Remember, everything starts - every success or business empire- begins as someone's dream. Reconnect with your success factors or read then here for the first time...

...if you're ready to embark on your Success Expedition, this is for you.

Everyone tells us that we should do something we love - pursue our dreams, but how do we go about identifying our passions and make success happen of them?

"He who has a why has a how"

If you do not have a purpose for "why" you are doing what you are doing, you may be saying to yourself "somethings missing in my work or life". It's often because you do seem to have a purpose and you want clarity on that. Purpose is something you create or decide on.

Many people think it's something mystical and discovered by accident. It's not. You'll find out how you could find yours today, or reconnect with any area of your life you want confirmation on - in less than 10 minutes. Isn't your life worth 10 minutes of your time...?

find purpose in life Ever wonder why it some people seem to "make it" while most of us seem to just wander along aimlessly? Well... that is what happens when you have no clue what you were meant to do in this life. Without vision the people perish, said Moses. And without a vision for your life you are at risk of getting way off course and living somebody else's idea of what your life should be. DO NOT DO THIS! 

A Failure to Plan is Plan to Fail

If you feel that you're somehow missing your life's calling, or can't quite identify what your life's telling you - read this and save yourself some trouble. You are eager to live a life that is authentic, vibrant, and fulfilling.  Success is just around the corner!

No matter how you define success for yourself - if it's money, health, fulfillment, love, contribution or something else - you'll definitely find something that gets to the core of what you are meant to do and touch your heart. 

If you're ready, then, there are some simple and yet effective tools to help you identify your own life purpose or bring clarity to any area of your life:
  • family - reconnect with your role as a parent.
  • career - why am I doing this?
  • finances - stop aiming low.
  • relationships - rekindle your passions!
  • recreation - time well spent.
  • health and wellness - being able to do it.
  • contribution / community - the gift of giving.

At times some aspects of your life can appear confusing, discouraging and pointless. You feel you need to reconnect with a specific area you may be out of touch with. Often it's not so much a specific area, but the bigger picture - how the 7 relate to the whole - your life purpose.

life purpose You may feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, going through the motions, day in and day out. Your job can seem monotonous, relationships stagnant, with your finances spinning out of control. This leads to stress and frustration causing your health to decline as your body tries to deal with the overload, but to no avail.

Take The Test

If you don't think you're out of touch with your life purpose, take a couple seconds to complete this quick quiz about one area of your life  - your career purpose:

  1. Are you doing EXACTLY the kind of work that makes you want to leap out of bed each morning excited to begin a new day?
  2. Does your work satisfy a deep need within to express yourself, your talents, and your values?
  3. Does your work allow for a balanced life – one that leaves time for family and friends, for exercise or hobbies, for you?
  4. Are you doing what you love and loving what you do?

It could be clearer for you already, and now you're interested in writing a personal mission statement for your career. Yet, you wonder how to write a mission statement, and for that matter, what is a good mission statement? You might be thinking if you had examples of good mission statements, it would be helpful in writing mission statements. You'll find those here and the help you need to write your own personal mission statement for any area of your life.

Knowing what your purpose for all areas of your life is and how to write personal mission statements can help you lead a fulfilling, purpose driven life. But how do these sometimes divergent and competitive areas come together harmoniously?

Just Tell Me How To Get It

Even if you have an idea of what you want, you’re afraid of going after what you want because you think you lack the motivation plan to get it. If you think your goals are unrealistic, you may ask, why should you bother setting goals, resulting in your motivation sagging.

Maybe it’s not so much that your goals are unrealistic, but that you don’t know how to achieve your goals. You lack the criteria, the reasons to set goals. If only a simple goal setting form would solve all your needs. This is one of the keys to success. Writing out your goal is the first act of physical energy and your committment. It's the first burst of action towards achieving your goals.

life purpose
With or without a goal setting form, you want to know how to set realistic goals and achieve them. You're interested in using goal setting ideas to fulfill your mission statements and purpose. Yet, how does finding a purpose in life lead you to creating a mission statement and a self motivation plan? The meaning of success and how do all these human critical success factors lead to your success in all areas of your life awaits you here.

I can tell you that the elements of success DO exist! You’re about to discover the exciting yet simple connection between your purpose in life and doing something that you are passionate about. With this knowledge you'll go on to making a self motivation plan and developing the power to become an unstoppable, successful you.

You’re about to learn how easy it is to apply the elements of success which you already possess. Get ready to uncover your purpose in life and engage the power within that has laid untapped. If it's your first time, you'll develop a motivation plan to overcome any area of your life that may be causing you distress. You’ll then find out what is goal setting and how to set goals for each life segment. You'll harness your inner self motivating techniques to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose in life.

Most importantly, even if you already know what you want in life, you’ll discover the ingredients to making your goals and dream come true - the secrets of success.

Finding Purpose in Life

My name is Keith Raymond, and I am a Business Mentor and Life Coach. It’s exciting for me to share with you, your journey to a life that is purpose driven. I know what my life purpose is. Along the way, I’ll share with you what is my mission statement and purpose. I have also discovered what is the meaning of success and how to get it, and I want to share this incredible secret with you.

What started me on this incredible journey of finding a purpose in life initially began by my own quest for what is the meaning of success.

Along the way, I read some really great books from some notable authors such as Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, and Anthony Robbins just to name a few. Those early books helped me understand my purpose in life and how it all comes together. While I once wandered aimlessly through life, now I had purpose and direction in my actions. I had a self motivation plan.

The insight into this process of success had an infectious effect on those around me. Others began to notice this, and they began to ask me, what is this that seemed to fill my life? There became a noticeable “bounce” in my step, and others began to ask. It then spilled over to helping others, including family and friends. I shared with others what I learned from the masters and the path to discover what they wanted in the foggy areas of their lives.

Today as a Life Coach, the process is more refined and honed through training. In helping these first people finding life purpose, creating mission statements and how to set goals, they learned and confirmed what is the meaning of success and the way to it. For me, in their achievements and success, it has been immensely rewarding and I enjoy seeing others find clarity and success in life.

While I started off as a Life Coach, I subsequently decided to certify my skills as Business Mentor. In many ways, what I have learned through my many years as a Life Coach is you need to have your life together first before you can achieve business success.

Being a Life Coach has its rewards, but being a Business Mentor has brought even more meaning and purpose to my life. One thing I observed throughout the process is that no matter whether you are attempting to create meaning in your personal life, or looking to start a business, the same principles of success apply. You have to know why you’re doing something, before you can become successful at it.

Reconnected With His Business Passion...

My business growth seemed to stall out and stagnate before I worked with you. I was complacent with my business development and while I was making enough money to survive, I never met my business potential until you showed me how to take it to the next level.

The business growth is phenomenal. Sales have increased, I’ve added employees, and I feel reinvigorated in my business growth and potential.

Sean B., Toronto, Canada

...Started His First Business...

Quite simply – you’re an awesome Business Mentor. You gave me the focus and direction to my business pursuits. You’ve infused me with skills to become a successful entrepreneur and the confidence in how to make it happen.

Erik S., San Jose, CA.

Business set mission statements all the time, and set corporate objectives to orient and measure their success. If companies seek objectives to increase profitability for example, they set their efforts around these pursuits, and the outcome can be focused and managed.

It’s the same with sports teams too. Successful teams know what the game plan is before they get out on the field. They practice the game plan week in, week out to prepare for the games that lead to the championships. It’s that same attitude and route to success that is imperative to achieve success in your own life.

If it’s good enough for professional sports teams to create winning dynasties or for entrepreneurs to create multi billion dollar organizations, then it must be a key determinant of success. Whether it begins as a burning desire to be the best like Michael Jordan, or as a vision by an entrepreneur – just think of Bill Gates or Henry Ford – the most successful sports figures or business endeavors have started as a small seed of thought.

In the process, they commit that idea into a formal plan that is the catalyst to their success. We read of the stories of these successful people. Many of my clients are on the same path to creating the same level of success because they have planted the seeds of success early in the same way.

Sharing The Seeds Of Success

For this reason, people from all walks of life, from sports coaches, to sales professionals, and motivational experts like Anthony Robbins promote this practice.

This practice is powerful. Imagine the power of this process in your hands so as to manifest your desires and dreams. With just 3 simples steps, you can turbo charge your life to warp speed results in just 7 days.

My clients say they recognize the value of the profound, positive effects these methods and strategies of success have had on their personal and professional lives. I am flattered by the kudos. I've used the same process to meet a wonderful partner, start my own business, and attract untold happiness in my life.

Taking The Secrets of Success With You

Dedicated to my clients first, over the past 5 years I began to methodically set down the strategies. I wanted to amass the resources and set out the methods I have been practicing with my clients. What initially started off as a few pages of summarized text has now grown. In fact, those original few drafts have now morphed into a practical user’s guide for success that all my clients get.

Now you can get it too!

Introducing The Elements of Success, your practical system to making your dreams come true. The Elements of Success System will reveal to you to the most important components of success, how to harness their power and how to get what you want out of life.

Even if you already know already what you want, or somewhere in between, your system will show you HOW to make it happen. It will guide you out of the fog that has enveloped your life. It will help you find out what your life purpose is or clarify just that one area. It will show you how to write a mission statement, how to set goals, and most importantly the 3 steps to success.

...Key to His Success...

This is by far the best since Think and Grow Rich. It’s clearly laid out and it was so easy to understand and follow. I wish I had this when I was younger. It has been such a determinant to my success. It makes the theoretical, practical and applicable.

Sean F., Bellevue, Wash.

...Other Are Experiencing It...

When it comes to success, you have written the book on it. I really like the way you made the principles to success so easy to follow and execute on. As a teacher, I share your elements with my students and I notice a difference. More importantly, I feel reconnected to my passion for teaching.

Jane M., Dallas, Texas

...It Made A Difference...

How many years have I wasted pursuing meaningless goals and unfulfilling pursuits? If it wasn’t for your insight I would still be wandering though life dulled and listless.

It has made the difference in my life and I wake up everyday full of energy. I know what I want out of life, and most importantly, know how to get it. Thanks a million!

Larry C., Portland, OR.

This is the ultimate comprehensive, step-by-step success system. You can get your Elements of Success System and begin charting your course in just minutes! If you were just wanting clarity in an area or two, this system will give you the help you need to reconnect. Get your guide, worksheets and ebook to reconnect with the "why" of your life. Finally, a proven system to lead you back on the path of success and personal direction.

a life that is purpose driven, writing a personal mission statement, writing missions statements, finding a purpose in life

With The Elements of Success System to guide you:

  • You’ll clearly identify your very own purpose in life. You’ll stop drifting through life aimlessly. You’ll find out why everyone has a life purpose and how easy it is to determine your life purpose. With three easy steps, you’ll learn how to find your life purpose today.
  • You’ll discover why you need a mission statement and how valuable your mission statement is to success. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll learn how to craft a mission statement that gives you direction and meaning to your purpose in life.

  • Like a route map for your travel plans, you’ll learn how to write and update your mission statement as you grow and achieve your goals.

  • You’ll recognize the importance of goals and goal setting. You’ll learn how to set and achieve goals - goals you could start and achieve today.

  • You’ll find out how to formulate your personal action plan. You’ll learn how to create an action plan, and adjust it accordingly, while staying focused and keeping on track towards your goals.
  • You’ll lead a more rewarding, productive and happy life. Other areas of your life will become clearly defined with their own rich purpose and meaning. Your stress levels will decrease as you become more harmonious with the other areas of your life and living your life purpose.

With your clarity on your life purpose, you’ll learn how to define a plan for each area of your life, which will lead you to fulfillment in each of the 7 areas of your life, such as:

  • You’ll discover how to find a career that you are passionate about, develop career objectives and get the most out of your career aspirations.
  • Your relationships will improve. You’ll be more engaged and committed to your partner, family and friends leading to fulfilling relationships.
  • You’ll regain control of your financial health, as your financial choices will be in keeping with your financial goals. You’ll stop buying out of desperation and to fill that empty feeling. You’ll develop clarity and financial discipline as you seek to fulfill your new found financial objectives.
  • Your health troubles will seem to vanish as your stress levels decrease because you’ll know what you want and MOST importantly how to get it.

You Said You Already Know What You Want

Even if you know what you want out of life, or have just determined your life purpose, you’ll learn how to execute your plan and make it happen. You’ll learn the secrets of how to carry out your life purpose, and attain your goals by following simple and effective strategies to success. You’ll develop the skills and the tools to transform your life and increase your levels of joy and happiness in your life. You’ll learn what the steps to success are:

  • You’ll become attuned and develop awareness of the opportunities all around you. You’ll become skilled at identifying and drawing out opportunities that help you fulfill your purpose in life.
  • You’ll learn how your attitude can edge you to success or push you back to patterns of failure and frustration. You’ll discover how your attitude has a direct impact on your outcome , and the secrets of how easy you can retune your attitude.
  • You’ll learn how to create a belief system and develop your self confidence to pilot you through your day. You’ll become accomplished at stopping those self defeating patterns that are keeping you on the sidelines of life.
  • You’ll understand how to firm up your determination, learn resolve, and how to quickly and decisively take action. You’ll never be wishy-washy or indecisive again on what direction to take and what you should do next.
  • You’ll learn how to attain your goals and your life purpose with the power of envisioning what you want. You'll comprehend how to get what you want out of life by learning how to create an environment of success. Discover how to make it happen with just the power of your thoughts!
  • With your new found sense of direction and purpose in life, you’ll walk with confidence, stand out from the crowd and be noticed by others.

  • You’ll soon be motivating and inspiring others with your aura of confidence and direction. Watch how your own success has an affect on others, help others help you advance your dreams and fulfill your life purpose.
  • Discover how only practicing one Element of Success a day can lead you to mastering the others, and advance you towards your goals and purpose.

...and much, much more!!

You have the opportunity to turn your life around and learn how to make it happen today. It’s your opportunity to learn what your life purpose is, spell out your mission statement and make good on your goals. It's the opportunity you've been looking for to lead your Life Expedition!

Even if you already know what you want out of life, maybe you feel lost in the “details” and the execution. You’re just not sure on how to get there. Maybe you just need some direction and encouragement to know how to make it happen. You can get the secrets of how to make your dreams come true that has empowered so many to get what they want out of life. You can start today!

No More Chasing Rainbows

If you were to possess the secrets to success, your potential would be limitless. Others would rush to you, offering you even more riches allowing you to redouble your investment as quickly as you desire. What would you be willing to offer to get it? Thousands of dollars, or hundreds of thousands – even millions? Your investment return would be virtually limitless.

In making The Elements of Success available, my purpose is not only to offer you the potential path to riches, but also to guide you on your way to personal success and fulfillment. It’s in realizing your purpose in life that you can tap into untold riches. It’s not just good enough to have the dream of success you need to know how to make it happen, to put a foundation under them. Because this pursuit is part of my life purpose, I want to make this process available to you.

In the process of learning Life Coaching strategies, I have spent thousands of dollars to solidify my expertise. In the pursuit of developing The Elements of Success System, I have spent over 5 years preparing and perfecting the model that I am now making available to you. 

While it took me 5 years to bring together this system, you can get the Elements of Success System and begin charting your course in just 5 minutes! In just 5 minutes, you can get your guide, worksheets and ebook and reconnect. Remind your self how or begin today to live the life you've imagined for just $27. Get ready to harness the power of yours by determining your life purpose, developing your motivation plan and begin transforming your life. You can take charge of your life expedition. This is a personal investment in yourself and in your life; don’t you think you’re worth it?

Your Route Map To Success

With your future success, happiness and prosperity at hand, I’ve also made available some extras to make you unstoppable on your quest for success. These bonuses are packed full of valuable tools to help you chart your plan of success:

Bonus #1: Life Purpose and Mission Statement Worksheets - Valued at $29.95. Simple, easy, step by step fill-in-the blank worksheets to walk you through the process of defining your life purpose. You’ll outline your life purpose first then define your purpose for the other areas of your life. You’ll soon learn where you want to be and how you are going to get there! This bonus will also help you to devise a realistic life plan and support you in truly living a life you love by outlining your life purpose and establishing your mission statement!  Never be lost again on the journey of life! You’ll have your own life compass!

Bonus #2: Goal Setting Forms – Valued at $29.95 Determine how you can realize your life purpose by knowing how to set goals aligned with your life purpose. With clearly defined goals, you’ll know how to orient your efforts, which way to step everyday, staying on purpose. Achieve your goals with confidence and enthusiasm that will keep you on track and on purpose. You’ll never be indecisive again!

Stepping Up To Success

I know that The Elements of Success changes people’s lives, and I am absolutely confident that it will impact your life. Many people have said that just one part made the difference for them, or one section made it all happen for them. It’s as if they found the key that has unlocked a treasure chest to understanding, learning not only what to do, but how to do it.

If for whatever reason, in going though this, applying the techniques and practicing the principles, you are not clearer and happier, just simply return it and I’ll gladly refund your money. I’m so confident that it will help you that I am offering you a lifetime no questions asked 100% guarantee. Get your guide today knowing you’re on the cusp of change and ready to take advantage of The Elements of Success. Guaranteed!

Maybe you think you can’t do it all at once – that’s ok. Pick it up today and start defining parts of your life purpose plan. Do it in stages. Put it down and pick it up again. You can make it happen in stages. Take it with you on the bus or read it at your desk at lunch hour. If you’re eager to map out your life plan, you can make it all happen this weekend. Take it with you on vacation and come back with new focus, energy, vitality and direction.

Try the Elements of Success entirely RISK FREE at your leisure! Once you’ve used these strategies, I’m confident you’ll NEVER send it back because you’ll have defined your life purpose, created a mission statement and set your goals. Most importantly, you have the insider’s secrets on HOW to make it happen. This information has transformed lives and will transform your life!

Master Your Destiny

Not knowing what you want out of life can seem daunting, discouraging and exasperating. Not knowing how to achieve your goals can be frustrating, leading to stress and anxiety. Life can appear hopeless, meaningless – you may feel like you’re just spinning your wheel, going through the motions, day in and day out. Your job can seem monotonous, relationships stagnant, your finances spinning out of control. This leads to stress and frustration causing your health to decline as your body tries to deal with the overload, but to no avail.

Just like a coach has a game plan before the players take to the field, you can learn how to create the same environment of success. You’ll know what your game plan – what your purpose, mission and goals are. Just like a team practices to achieve success in a game, with The Elements of Success you’ll learn what you need to do to make your dreams come true – to reach your own personal championship.

finding a purpose in life, goal setting form, how to achieve goals, writing mission statements, what is a mission statement

Create your own aura of success with The Element of Success. Never get caught in the game of life without purpose, your personal mission statement and an action plan ever again. Set the direction, set the pace and head to success.

Click here now to find your route, to set your life compass, and take charge of your life!

To Your Success!

Keith Raymond Business Mentor and Life Coach
Keith Raymond, B.A., C.B.A.
Business Mentor and Life Coach

P.S. Your life is meant to be bountiful, rewarding and full of potential. You deserve to learn what your life purpose is, to discover a rich life that is purpose driven. Lift the confusion on what you should aim for in life and how to achieve your goals. Learn how to get what you want out of life, with 3 simple steps. Make it happen now!

P.P.S. Even if you know what you want, fear and uncertainty can prevent you from realizing your dreams. Stop the analysis paralysis! Learn the 8 proven techniques to guide you to success. Employ these life changing principles to achieve your dreams. Apply just one of the Element of Success today and begin to see your potential realized.

P.P.P.S. Get the inside track to success and develop your own route to success with close to $60 in bonuses, yours absolutely free. You’ll understand what motivates you, what your life purpose is and create your personal mission statement to keep you on track. You’ll understand what goals to set, where to start, and which ones you can achieve today.

P.P.P.P.S. You can get The Elements of Success System with confidence, knowing that you have a lifetime guarantee! In a year from now or 10, if you haven’t made your dreams come true you can simply return it, no questions asked.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Stop the fear that life has no meaning. Never wander through a day or through life aimlessly. Discover a life that is purpose driven and discover how you’ll soon become driven, guided by your own personal motivation plan. Know what goals to set and how to achieve them. Walk through life with confidence, purpose and direction! Lead your life expedition!